I use SOUND® Hoof Conditioner on the horses feet after we shoe them and I recommend it to all my customers. I like the fact that it is natural and actually works. I’ve noticed that people don’t mind getting it on their hands.

Jim Carr

I recommend SOUND® Hoof Conditioner to all my customers and show barns, it’s a natural product that actually works.

Chuck Mundo

I have been using SOUND Hoof Conditioner on all my horse’s right from the with problem feet have greatly improved and the ones with good feet have gotten better!! My dogs love it the most….they lick the can clean after every use!! Try it…I guarantee you’ll love it!!

Barbara Vasilaros

My horse was a mess – his feet got wet in summer, then dried, they would crack and flake. He would throw shoes every 2 weeks in summer, I had great farriers, I didn’t bathe him, I tried an alternate turnout, nothing worked.

“This year he is on a 24/7 turnout, I tried SOUND Hoof Conditioner and applied it everyday to the outside of his hooves. He didn’t throw a shoe all summer. No flaking. It kept the moisture balance in his foot more stable, despite the wet and dry.

“His feet look amazing. I showed my vet this week and she was stunned (having known this horse for a decade). Thank you for making a difference in my (currently) 3rd level dressage horse!

Holly Newman

This is by far the best hoof conditioner I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried several other brands. It keeps my horse’s hooves supple in spite of her dry sandy pen and our California drought. It has eliminated the dry flakes her hooves used to develop near the coronets and has greatly lessened chips and cracks. I heartily recommend this product! 

Aleta Lawrence

Farrier Recommendation!! Excellent

Debra Nadeau

Smells great and the horses don’t object to it being near them! This is the best hoof care we have found over the years and now it’s easier for us to us on our paint who is picky, as paints tend to be. Works great and now we all love the smell at the barn!

Barbara Kendrick