FAQ For Hoof Care

How is SOUND Hoof Conditioner better than the other leading brands?

SOUND Hoof Conditioner is specially formulated to be better absorbed by the hoof. It is natural, environmentally safe and contains no petroleum. It is also pleasantly scented. Besides not performing as well, other brands are toxic to your animal and to the environment.

Is SOUND Hoof Conditioner all natural and nontoxic?

SOUND Hoof Conditioner is natural and nontoxic. It is actually edible in event of accidental ingestion by humans, dogs or any other animal. It is produced from high-grade, food quality products.

If SOUND Hoof Conditioner is nontoxic to my horse and to the environment, does that mean the other leading products aren’t safe?

Other products are created with the focus on the horse’s hooves. Our product is formulated with the total health of the horse in mind. Try this simple litmus test: If you would not use a wax and petroleum product on your own body, why would you use it on your horse’s hooves?

SOUND Hoof Conditioner is priced slightly higher than the other leading brands?  Why is that?

SOUND Hoof Conditioner is a premium product formulated with high-grade quality ingredients that simply costs more to produce. Our conditioner is not a discount product or cheap in any way. Unlike other leading brands that offer the manufacturers a high profit margin by mass producing, our products are hand-made and packaged by experienced farriers one bottle at a time.

How long does SOUND Hoof Conditioner take to dry?

If the weather is hot the conditioner will be absorbed into the hoof within 10 minutes. During wet and cold conditions, the conditioner can take up to 20 minutes to dry.

Does SOUND Hoof Conditioner dry to a hard finish?

SOUND Hoof Conditioner does NOT dry to a hard finish. Much like human hand lotion our conditioner leaves the hoof with a moist appearance and all-natural shine.

Can corrosive agents such as fertilizer and horse urine break down the finish?

Like any conditioner, eventually the effects wear off and the conditioner must be reapplied. With regular applications, such agents should not break down the finish.

How many times per day should I apply SOUND Hoof Conditioner?

At the very least once, in extremely dry conditions twice because the moisture is pulled from the hoof constantly.

Should I apply SOUND Hoof Conditioner before bathing?

Yes. Unlike other products on the market, SOUND Hoof Conditioner should be applied to the top and bottom of the hoof. It will repel water while at the same time adding vital moisture to the hoof. Other leading products are petroleum based and cannot be absorbed into the hoof capsule which then leaves a filmy residue that can only be removed with a farriers rasp.

How can I become a dealer for SOUND Hoof Care products?

If you are a retailer, distributor, or online reseller and are interested in selling SOUND Hoof Conditioner, please call, email, or complete the form on the Seller Page.

When can we expect to see more high quality products by SOUND Hoof Care?

SOUND will be releasing many new products soon to help improve the hooves and health of your horse.

All SOUND Hoof Care products are sold under the registered trademark SOUND® ( USPTO Serial #87232744 )