About Bob Phalen

The Phalen family name is highly recognizable in the equestrian industry. Bob Phalen started shoeing horses in 1969 after graduating from Texas farrier school. Bob soon moved out to Southern California where he worked extremely hard to build his reputation as one of the best most well-rounded farriers in his region. Not only did he have a large farrier business but he also competed in many competitions. Balancing work and family Bob & Kathy had three boys all of which would later follow in his footsteps and help create the Phalen family farrier legacy.

Bob wanted to make a difference in the industry so he went to his wealthy clients at The Malibu Tennis & Riding Club, where he shod all of the horses. There he asked for sponsorships and donations to put on what was to be known as Malibu Classic Horseshoeing Competition. The Malibu Classic drew in farriers from all over the world. The farriers were excited to come to beautiful sunny California and show off their farrier skills amongst movie stars and the beautiful people of Malibu. The Malibu Classic was a success. After hosting the competition for a couple of years Bob became so busy with high-end show horses that he was no longer able to host the competition. Later it was moved to Northern California and is now called the Northern California Classic Horseshoeing Competition.

Bob also shod horses at the 1984 Olympic Games held in Los Angles Ca. By the early 90’s Bob had cemented his name with all of the greatest farriers in the country and the world. Clients from all over the world would request his services. Bob incorporated his sons into his business when they were young. First they would hold horses for him, gradually as they got older they all apprenticed for him. All three of Bob’s sons ended up becoming successful farrier’s and are shoeing elite horses to this day. Bob ended his career and retired at the age of 70.